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Commercial Services

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Bradley Electrical offers comprehensive services to the commercial customer. From our Complete Design Service through to our ‘circuit’ and ‘as fixed’ installation drawings and job completion manuals, you can be secure leaving the job in our hands from beginning to end.

Even after the work has been completed, you can rely on us, thanks to our 24-Hour Emergency Service, supplied by office telephones in operation 8am to 5pm, then transfer to an on-call engineer.

We have experience in all aspects of commercial electrical work, including control panels and switchgear.

We also carry a full compliment of test equipment for installation, earth loop, residual current device (RCD Trips), short circuit and overload identification and can provide commercial installation tests with written report and certificates.

So, whether you need contracting work or electrical testing, Contact us for a written quotation.

Some of our major commercial customers include:

  • Anchor Housing
  • Downland Housing
  • Estate Agents
  • Letting Agents, and
  • Local Builders